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Committed to sustainability, our venetian blinds are crafted from 99% recycled aluminum, contributing to eco-friendly products and spaces. Beyond being environmentally conscious, these blinds offer energy conservation in winter and heat management in summer. The TwinLine variant provides the flexibility of being operable from either the top or the bottom, enabling precise control over the light in your space. Particularly advantageous in office settings, our venetians redirect light away from computer screens, minimizing glare. Explore our collection featuring over 114 colour options and diverse textures, including structured, velvet, smooth, high gloss, and more. For added versatility, perforated slats are available to create unique visual effects. Slats are offered in various widths: 16, 25, 35, and 50 mm.


  • Tailor-made, offering flexible light guidance options.
  • Possibility of different colour combinations within a single blind.
  • Easy installation between or in front of glazing beads.
  • Suitable for skylights.
  • Ideal for damp or humid spaces.


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