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Exterior roller blinds for sun protection, glare protection and privacy protection

The exterior roller blind is able to shade the room by absorbing the sun’s rays before they even reach the window pane. This ensures that living and working spaces are kept at a suitable temperature and benefit from pleasing light – which is ideal for screen work as well. It keeps prying eyes out too, protecting your privacy. This is especially useful in ground floor apartments and heavily developed areas. Solix made-to-measure products are available in various fabrics with different transparency levels. So you can achieve a slight to total blackout effect, depending on your needs.

Exterior roller blinds with built-in insect screen

Solix is available with a built-in insect screen too. This custom-made combined solution from MHZ sits perfectly tightly and taut, guaranteeing effective protection from mosquitoes and pests.

Exterior roller blinds with built-in insect screen

Another benefit of exterior roller blinds is their ability to reduce the amount of noise getting in from outside. When closed, the blind absorbs the sound from the road or neighbouring buildings at the windows, helping to achieve a more peaceful home.

Exterior roller blinds for saving energy

One of the biggest benefits of made-to-measure exterior roller blinds is the way you can efficiently control the amount of heat and cold getting in through the window. Solix stops the majority of the sun’s rays before they even reach the window pane, preventing indoor spaces from heating up due to the sun. The innovative shading system ensures that up to 70% less heat can get in, achieving greater energy efficiency. And that will have a positive impact on your energy costs. In winter, the Solix exterior roller blind can minimise the amount of cold reaching the window pane and stop the room from cooling down. If the blind is used effectively, the room will stay warm, enabling you to make savings on heating costs.

Solix is the perfect cost-effective and low-maintenance thermal protection solution. Existing properties can be easily retrofitted with Solix without any need for any major investment or building work.

Retrofitted in a flash – installation and operation

With its angle profile frame running around all sides, Solix is easy to insert into the window opening and secure in position using the corresponding locks. This process does not damage the window or the facade and removal is just as quick and easy, leaving no trace behind. Solix is powered by an electric radio drive with integrated battery and a charging socket in the room, so there is no need for cables or electrical work. The classic crank is not required for Solix either. MHZ also offers the option to operate the product via a solar panel – this exterior roller blind is just perfect for retrofitting.

Extension of the Solix product portfolio

Thanks to its slim cassette, Solix Fix blends perfectly into the exterior facade. And due to the permanently integrated solar panel, the exterior roller blind can be powered by energy from the sun and operated easily by radio control.

Solix Fix is installed on the window frame directly or in the window reveal from the outside. With only two to six drill holes per guide rail, depending on the blind unit size, Solix Fix can be installed in no time at all. The quick installation frame and optional built-in insect screen mesh are not found in the Solix Fix. The blind can be installed with or without extension pieces.

Gold Winner
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R+T Innovation Award