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The classic venetian shade is a multi-use component for privacy and for controlling natural light. The MHZ TwinLine venetian shade goes a step further by freely moving from the top or the bottom, allowing both privacy and natural light by moving the top to a position that ensures both needs are met. This feature makes the MHZ venetian shade much more functionally versatile than others available. 

This product is custom made and can be installed in the glazing bead. If offers flexible light guidance, with colour combinations within a single unit. Perfect for office use with computers as this flexible system can be adjusted many ways to reduce direct light on computer screens while also still allowing natural light in if desired. Fine adjustments can be done.

The collection includes over 114 colour options and diverse textures such as structured, velvety, smooth, high gloss, and more. Perforated slats are also available to create different effects. Slats in the Venetian blind collection are made by extrusion, rather than stamping, of aluminium alloy 6011 (EN 1396)

THERMO-STOP is a special coating on the concave slat side forms an almost impenetrable obstacle for infra-red heat radiation. Available in select colours. Please contact for more information.

Available Slat widths:
16, 25, 35, 50 mm (e.g. 25 mm + / – 0.2 mm)

Slat thickness:
0.215 mm

Slat weight:
0.075 g/cm2

Key Advantages:
  • tailor-made according to your wishes
  • flexible light guidance
  • colour combinations within a hanging possible
  • easy installation between or in front of glazing beads
  • complete thermo-stop
  • TwinLine top-down, bottom-up versatility
  • adjustment made with rotary knob
  • suitable for skylights and custom shaped windows
  • also suitable for particularly narrow windows and ribbon windows
  • suitable for damp locations
  • more than 110 colours (Multicoloured hanging available for all models)
  • hand made in Germany
Recycling / sustainability:

Our Venetian blinds help to conserve energy – both during production as well as when installed in the window. We use high quality slats that are of 99% recycled aluminium. Similarly, we can dispose of our Venetian blinds easily and professionally, thus returning them to the material cycle. Recycled aluminium saves energy and conserves raw materials. It takes the same amount of energy to produced one tonne of aluminium from bauxite as to recycle 20 tonnes of aluminium from scrap metal – and without sacrificing quality.