New in taut blinds and free-hanging systems

New developments for taut blinds:

  • Compensation mechanism in the operating profile, which allows unit widths up to 180cm to be produced without profiles sagging.
  • Model 11-8222, includes model 11-8220 and the aluminum grip, to ensure that the price is found quickly and reliably.
  • Model 11-8320: day and night system with two hangings. The upper handing is fixed, the lower hanging is freely moveable. The system provides a clean join without a light gap, thank to the magnets incorporated in the operating profiles between the two hangings.

New model for free-hanging systems:

  • Model 11-8130, 11-8140 up to a width of 400cm with 6 selected fabrics
  • Model 11-8145: model with battery radio drive, on-site power connection is not needed

We have also added special shapes to some key models.

The new profile colour 650 anthracite powder-coated is immediately available. All plastic components are available in a matching colour.